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11150786_10102701083943135_627395543068600801_nHello there! Here’s our little family, picture taken in Fall 2015. I’m Ryan, my wife is Heather, and we have two beautiful daughters, Avery (3 here) and Hadley (1 here). While our story begins long before the start of this blog, on January 17, 2016, on my 31st birthday, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This was definitely one of those moments that has a way of altering your outlook on life, so in addition to processing everything that goes through taking in that kind of news, I decided a healthy way to stay active, engaged and inspired was to start a blog so that I can express what this journey is like for me. With the girls being so young, one of the main fears I have is them not knowing what this journey means to our family. I want to give them a resource that one day, when they are ready they can see what Daddy overcame and they can be inspired by the way the friends, family and coworkers of their parents rallied around to support their little family in a difficult time, so that they too can learn the lessons of community, prayer, faith, passion, positivity, and love I have experienced over the past few weeks since getting this news. I do not have any need or desire to make my journey public, per se, I do not view myself as anything special; I simply was dealt a hand that I have had to react to and as a parent, it’s important to me to somehow translate my reaction and this journey into a million teachable moments for them,  that they can access when they need it, whether  that’s right now or 10 years from now.

I believe in the power of transparency and hope that in some small way, by sharing our journey, this page can become a beacon of hope, inspiration, optimism, faith and together we can all be inspired by the Grace we receive each day!

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