Focusing on HOPE

Today, we begin a new week. Early Monday morning we get to choose our outlook for the week. For me, the focus remains on HOPE. We have 7 different appointments scheduled this week, a welcome back to some form of a “busy normal life” that I have missed for the past 4 weeks. Today we begin with a CT Scan to follow up from the surgery, confirming the healing process is taking place, then a follow up with the neurosurgeon to discuss follow-up care, hopefully removing the 28 staples that have held me together since surgery, and learning of future care needs. Then this afternoon its off to the cancer center to have another CT done to map my brain and spine to prepare for the radiation treatment. A busy day, yes, probably a lot of sitting and waiting, sitting and thinking, but today will be a good day, because we have the opportunity to hope for positive outcomes, because we have the opportunity to take the kids to day care, and because Heather and I have the opportunity to spend it together. Later in the week I have physical therapy appointments, and a follow up with the oncologist, so the hope is this week is very helpful in defining the next steps of this journey.

At church the past two weeks, the message has been preparing for Lent, and both weeks the message was very pointed, to me, at the idea of hope. Normally during Lent its about penance, or giving something up, which is ok and good, but the message I heard was slightly different. The message was if you’ve been tossing a net over the same side of the boat for a long time, maybe now is a good time to toss the net off the other side of the boat. What a great time to instead of giving something up, maybe take something on. That’s the message I heard, that’s the message I think I needed, so that is what I will do. I assume, with my current status of being a cancer patient with treatment beginning soon, the next 40 days of Lent will be very impactful to the future of my life; potentially defining what life will look like in the future, so instead of spending time giving something up, I choose to take on Hope headfirst, to fully embrace the Grace that God has given me and my family and will press forward in a positive mindset and focus on hope. I will hope for health, hope for happiness, hope for a bright future. Mondays are great days to set out with a new mindset, a new hope for a great week ahead!

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