5 am Hadley Time!

imageOur youngest, Hadley was up at 5am today! Normally, these early mornings are not very welcome in our house, but today was different. She woke up the same way any other 18 month old wakes up at 5am, cranky and yelling. Feeling like I had a renewed sense of purpose, having myself just slept at least 4 hours in a row for the first time in about two weeks, I thought maybe I could handle this little incident. I could try and help out the rest of our family who has been taking care of the two girls every need while I’ve been unable to. I had my plan together, I thought I would sneak into her room and give her a paci, rub her back if need be and she’d fall right back to sleep, the rest of the family none-the-wiser and all the more rested. Needless to say, that particular vision did not become a reality for us today. I am not able to lift the girls up yet, and obviously that’s all she wanted me to do when she saw me, so instead of a peaceful moment we got a little more noise. Heather was quick to assist, as she always is ready to pounce into Mommy mode, and together we were all up at 5am enjoying our morning. Hadley was able to cuddle with me for about 10 minutes in the rocking chair while she rocked in an out of being awake and asleep, we read a book together and counted lady bugs in her counting book. It truly was a great moment of gaining strength for the day (we met with the Oncology team today, which I will post about later).  Iimage really enjoyed today spending time in quiet with her. Then we sat together eating breakfast and enjoyed a fruity snack. Thanks to the Kettering Parks Team for sending the fruit basket! Hadley loved it and this gift made it a great morning for our family!

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