Power of Prayer


Its hard to start this post with anything other than a huge Praise God! Surgery went well Wednesday, the 6.5 hour procedure removed ALL of the tumor, confirmed by MRI yesterday! This is a great result, better than we could have ever hoped or dreamed!

This does confirm though that this surgery is simply the first step along a long journey ahead! We are probably a week away from knowing what we’redealing with and what our approach will be. But that’s ok right now, the focus is on recovering from surgery and celebrating this fantastic news that the tumor was removed! The care I have received has been top notch! The doctors, nurses, techs, managers and everyone we have encountered have gone above and beyond to make us comfortable! I’m feeling as well as could be expected after the extensive surgery and am positive about what’s ahead. I will be taken for more testing over the next few days while I heal and are awaiting final pathology reports until we can confirm what the future battle will entail. Regardless of what’s ahead, we take this journey one step at a time in confidence that with God we are strong!

My faith is unwavering and the support of family friends and Heather Geglein Davis drive me to be better each and every moment. For now we ask for continued prayers, healing and hope! We will be strong! We will beat this! I am confident in Gods plan for this journey!

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