God’s Grace is Enough

It’s been five days since we’ve gotten the news of having this brain tumor, surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday, so no news or updates, there remain many unanswered questions and unknowns, but I simply wanted to share a huge thank you to all of you, our family, friends, colleagues, and everyone else who has been so extremely supportive through the past few days. I really questioned whether or not to post about this subject because I typically do not subscribe to the tell the world mentality of Facebook, but I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been incredibly rejuvenating to see the response it had. I am encouraged by all the love, support and prayers being sent for us. It means more than I can express to hear supportive words, prayers and thoughts from so many. I know that I will be ok and it’s so reassuring to know all the people rooting for our little family! Maybe the proper term is WE will get through this!

When we were first transferred to the Nuero ICU Sunday, the first doctor we saw told us a little about what we may face, but then he looked at Heather and I and told us that God’s grace is strong enough and it is sufficient. This single sentence he said to a couple of strangers was very impactful and has continued to stand out to me as the battle cry for this journey I’m on.

For now I’m still resting and preparing, praying, and enjoying time with family and the love of my life Heather Geglein Davis as she continues to be the brightest part of my world, strong and loving through this difficult time.3

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