A new kind of strength

So I normally do not post on Facebook and truthfully rarely get on, but I thought this may be a good way to share news and updates on my status to all our family and friends. For the second time in less than a year, I am in for the fight of my life. Last April I had a 99% blocked coronary artery, Sunday I went to the ER with persistent headaches and through CT scan, doctors found a brain tumor. Many tests followed as did three days of tears, fear, and thoughts about the unknown. Heather Geglein Davis has been my rock through this all and special thanks to Lois Missall and Heathers’ parents for keeping an eye on our girls while we were at the hospital formulating any resemblance of a plan. I am home now resting and preparing for brain surgery next week to investigate/biopsy/remove the tumor. I’ll be fine in the end, I just have to take this one step at a time! I would appreciate any and all prayers not only for myself but for Heather and the girls. I have a great support system and am confident I’ll beat this. We don’t know what this is, what caused it, what the long term prognosis is, but we have a good plan to find out more about this monster and eventually removing it from my head. I’ll do my best to update everyone as I am able. Thanks in advance for your prayers and support!4

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