Power of Prayer


Its hard to start this post with anything other than a huge Praise God! Surgery went well Wednesday, the 6.5 hour procedure removed ALL of the tumor, confirmed by MRI yesterday! This is a great result, better than we could have ever hoped or dreamed!

This does confirm though that this surgery is simply the first step along a long journey ahead! We are probably a week away from knowing what we’redealing with and what our approach will be. But that’s ok right now, the focus is on recovering from surgery and celebrating this fantastic news that the tumor was removed! The care I have received has been top notch! The doctors, nurses, techs, managers and everyone we have encountered have gone above and beyond to make us comfortable! I’m feeling as well as could be expected after the extensive surgery and am positive about what’s ahead. I will be taken for more testing over the next few days while I heal and are awaiting final pathology reports until we can confirm what the future battle will entail. Regardless of what’s ahead, we take this journey one step at a time in confidence that with God we are strong!

My faith is unwavering and the support of family friends and Heather Geglein Davis drive me to be better each and every moment. For now we ask for continued prayers, healing and hope! We will be strong! We will beat this! I am confident in Gods plan for this journey!

Now is right on time

Tomorrow’s the big day, surgery day! We just left the hospital after a morning of pre-tests, blood work and a brain mapping MRI. The plan is to get a biopsy of the tumor and go from there, which could mean removal of some, all or none of the tumor. It could mean closing up and scheduling follow up tests and additional surgeries. Either way, this is a good path to gaining the information we need toknow what we’re facing and that’s something I think we’re all excited to get!

It’s easy to try and think of all the bad that could happen, and be angry about having to go through this, but honestly I’m not looking at it like that at all. I know I can do this! I know I can beat this, whatever this is! I’ve been thinking more about just how fortunate I am to be dealing with this in the way that I have. I am forever grateful for the support you have shown my family!

Because of having survived the unexpected event at 30 years old of having a cardiac stent placed in April, and transforming my life through cardiac rehab, diet and exercise I’ve seen the possibilities of recovery. This prior condition allowed me to have been able to delay the surgery while weaning off blood thinners, which has given me valuable and precious time at home with Heather Geglein Davis, Avery, Hadley, family and friends! I’ve had time to process this as much as possible, time to pray, time to hope, and time to dream!

I know things happen that we cannot predict, control or change. Sometimes things just happen, and the reason they happen is not nearly as important as how you react to them! To me, this is just one more chapter in my journey I have the privilege of writing. I am excited to start this journey, confident that I am as prepared as I can be, surrounded in support of gracious, selfless and caring family, friends, and coworkers, knowing that I am facing this situation for a reason and excited to celebrate my overcoming this battle very soon!2

God’s Grace is Enough

It’s been five days since we’ve gotten the news of having this brain tumor, surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday, so no news or updates, there remain many unanswered questions and unknowns, but I simply wanted to share a huge thank you to all of you, our family, friends, colleagues, and everyone else who has been so extremely supportive through the past few days. I really questioned whether or not to post about this subject because I typically do not subscribe to the tell the world mentality of Facebook, but I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been incredibly rejuvenating to see the response it had. I am encouraged by all the love, support and prayers being sent for us. It means more than I can express to hear supportive words, prayers and thoughts from so many. I know that I will be ok and it’s so reassuring to know all the people rooting for our little family! Maybe the proper term is WE will get through this!

When we were first transferred to the Nuero ICU Sunday, the first doctor we saw told us a little about what we may face, but then he looked at Heather and I and told us that God’s grace is strong enough and it is sufficient. This single sentence he said to a couple of strangers was very impactful and has continued to stand out to me as the battle cry for this journey I’m on.

For now I’m still resting and preparing, praying, and enjoying time with family and the love of my life Heather Geglein Davis as she continues to be the brightest part of my world, strong and loving through this difficult time.3

A new kind of strength

So I normally do not post on Facebook and truthfully rarely get on, but I thought this may be a good way to share news and updates on my status to all our family and friends. For the second time in less than a year, I am in for the fight of my life. Last April I had a 99% blocked coronary artery, Sunday I went to the ER with persistent headaches and through CT scan, doctors found a brain tumor. Many tests followed as did three days of tears, fear, and thoughts about the unknown. Heather Geglein Davis has been my rock through this all and special thanks to Lois Missall and Heathers’ parents for keeping an eye on our girls while we were at the hospital formulating any resemblance of a plan. I am home now resting and preparing for brain surgery next week to investigate/biopsy/remove the tumor. I’ll be fine in the end, I just have to take this one step at a time! I would appreciate any and all prayers not only for myself but for Heather and the girls. I have a great support system and am confident I’ll beat this. We don’t know what this is, what caused it, what the long term prognosis is, but we have a good plan to find out more about this monster and eventually removing it from my head. I’ll do my best to update everyone as I am able. Thanks in advance for your prayers and support!4